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Palindromes by Mr. Arm

       I have been constructing an open ended palindrome off and on for years now. It is called "My Gym". It begins "My gym was boring", and of course it ends with

"I, Rob, saw my gym." It currently is about 5,500 words. I don't know what the longest palindrome is, and it doesn't really matter. By their nature, one can continue to expand

upon them forever. Every once in awhile the current sentence I finish will provide a pivot point and I could stop. I don't. In the mean time, here is a couple of excerpts from the

work in progress.

.......Raw ale deliveries run late.

      Mr. Ed, now a denim sewer at Sew Sad, re-hung a Kool-Aid emblem Tate embosses.

       Sal sang, I serenaded Amy, not Toni, not Sharon Tate.

       Emma's Tongan ogre gorillas........

      ..........Salli, Roger, go; Nag not Sam; meet at Norah’s.
                Toni, not Tony made Dane resign.
                  As lasses sob, meet at Mel B. media.

                Look! A gnu herd.

               As we stare, Wes mined a wonder metal.

                 Nurse, I revile Delaware dam.............


......Damsel in distress, Edwena Notara, dials Libya, Kokomo, my zoo boy Emil & a local
    racist Eb to get a Karate video, ‘Jigsaw War Demon’ set in Otero Fl.
        Leyton did re-flog.........

         ......golfer, did not yell fore!
         Tonite’s Nome draw was G.I. Joe dive.
         Tara, Kate got Betsi, Carl a cola & lime.
         Yo, boozy mom ok, okay?                                
         Bil’s laid a rat on a new dessert; Sid, Niles mad.........

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